P*ssy, Power, Pants.

Hello friends,

Did you know that the first women to wear trousers in public was a Puerto-Rican woman called Luisa Capetillo. She was thrown in jail for it.

But now the pant-style is something that’s been recycled in fashion over the years making  their mark in the 60s with the influence of the hippy/flower child movement… as you can already guess they’re currently my latest obsession.

So last Friday I was getting ready for a lil’ girls night out – finishing uni celebrations (YAAS!) –  when I noticed we were all rocking a form of PANT!

I just love the sexy sophistication each of these looks bring to the table…

Earrings: Bershka

Necklace: Primarni

Top: Pretty Little Thing

Pants: Bershka

My girl was serving here! doing classy with a little bit of sauce.

Top – ZARA

Pants – Pretty Little Thing

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a simple monochrome look


Top – Pretty Little Thing

Pants – ZARA

Shoes – Bershka

Some will say it’s bootcuts but I call it fashion hunny!

Hope you enjoyed the read x

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