Protect your energy.. Do you.

Hi friends,

We live in a society where we all seem to crave validation. We all seem to care a little too much about what others think. Whether that’s on social media in the form of likes and comments or by someone spudding you on the street just because ‘you’re that guy!’… We still care. So in this sense I think it’s so easy to lose your identity, chasing an image given to you by others.

I mean who doesn’t love catching a vibe and genuinely feeling that synergy between friends, family… even love interests. If we’re all of the same mind, we’re generally begin to cluster together (hol’ tight Sense8 lol), but the more we feed off of this energy, the more we begin to place a high value over the people in our lives. We get so sucked in by the flow of things sometimes; that like birds we flock together, afraid to fly alone. Don’t get me wrong for some, these types of relationships bang, but if you’re the type of person that emits your energy easily they can be toxic AF.

Now me, I pride myself on being an empathetic person, when you hurt I hurt and when you laugh best believe I delivered the punchline to that joke. So when these types of relationships turn, instead of an outward reaction I’d start by examining myself, looking for answers within. Trying to figure out why and how the rug was just so swiftly pulled from under me, being an empath this comes naturally. Self-examination is always healthy practice, let’s not get it twisted. But if you are the only one that’s able to remove themselves from a situation, to consider others outside your own emotional state (BRUUH). Not only is that tiring AF… it’s also where negativity and toxicity live to breed one another.

So now you got all your good juju mixed up in all this mess. How exactly do you keep your sh*t sacred?

I feel like I’ve learnt a thing or two on this topic, I’m the type of person who loves hard, so if I phucks with you, I phucks with you heavy so all that negativity goes unnoticed until it’s directed somewhere closer to home. Some people see this trait and tend to take advantage. They’re drawn to the positive light that you radiate, these are the leaches that suck everything from you for their own use, irregardless of your own personal growth. So unless this is something they acknowledge and are willing to change…Lock it arrf sis!

Another important thing I’ve learnt is that the way others treat you is only a reflection of themselves and whatever their situation is. So don’t waste your glorious energy trying to combat negativity, ships don’t sink because of the water around them, but because of the water that’s gets IN them. Don’t allow what happens around you to invade and weigh you down.


If you’re a peace queen like myself keep walking in that light baby!

Hope you enjoyed the read! x

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