Dust off these mandem.

Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?

BRUH I felt these bars in my chwest.
It’s as though males have some sort of timer where y’all are just sitting there like ‘Hmm I fucked up still, she cut me off… but I’m gonna hollaπŸ€”’                                                         Meanwhile your girl is out there moving on, eating her rice and cabbage and getting her glow back only to see your whack ass in her notifications talkin’ bout ‘😍 you’ve been looking like a snack… You good?’

Boy if you don’t!…

Why you bothering her when you know you know you don’t want her!?

If you’re not hearing from her, chances are she’s made the executive decision that you’re not worth it – to put it politely. Me personally you only get to waste my time once and after that… I’m not answering those texts for anything less than 10 bags. Sorry.

I don’t know whether it’s the summer ‘heat’ (which is by the way MIA in England) or some of you have bumped your heads hard…but I’m tired of seeing ‘the ghosts of the past’ pop up in my notifications.

‘I’m in your city x’

Okay.. am I the one that funded your expedition here or..?

On a serious note, if we no longer communicate on the regular basis, as in we’re not having conversations both on whatsapp and the snap -could you kindly exit stage left. Thank you.

I consider it a form of disrespect that you want to be out here in these streets doing nonsense only to come back for what good reason? It’s summer… why hit me up when when you know better!? I mean I hear there’s plenty fish in the sea out there. Catch one.

Bottom line is… and please read carefully; if she’s clearly enjoying her life and clearly not checking for you, please leave her alone, she’s made her decision.

P.s this SZA album is flames, thank me later!

​ (LOL she felt the same.)

2 thoughts on “Dust off these mandem.”

  1. My chwest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, i felt those notes too. Wanted to hear this from another rational mind than that mind that always crosses over to the irrational mind πŸ™„πŸ™„.

    Liked by 1 person

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