Graduation Magic!

Hey loves,

Guess who finally joined the graduates’ table!
Yep as from Friday I am a proud holder of an LLB Law degree (with a side of Business) and I couldn’t be prouder.
This is something I’ve been working towards my whole academic career.

This has been such a journey for me, (prepare your violins it’s about to get cliché). I came to uni a chubby and rather withdrawn girl with an insecurity or two. The truth is I wasn’t aware of the power of my own energy. Determined to change this I began to force myself out of my shell and losing a buck load of weight made the whole process much easier. As I gained a wealth of unforgettable experiences in the process.

This time away from your parents is not just for partying – which I did a lot of! It’s a time to throw yourself into any and everything just to see what sticks.
I remember I tried out for the basket ball team (GO PANTHERS!) and actually made it, until I discovered that practices were an hour away from campus… twice a week… during winter… is my name Jon Snow?
it was a no from me. LOL. But I tried nonetheless.

You would never know it but, I was so shy in my early teenage years… never really spoke unless spoken to typa girl. Frankly people generally made me nervous. Being in university beat it out of me – I even did a whole moot (mock court) with the sass and courage of a true barrister.. and I ended up winning my case!
I’m truly in love with the (young) woman I’ve become and am thankful to those that witnessed and guided the journey.

Brighton genuinely helped me find my spirit, and it is by embracing the ‘Brightonian’ way of life that I discovered the fierce strength of my aura.

Moving on swiftly! Let’s get to the outfit huh…

Dress – Fashion Nova
Shoes – Public Desire
Earrings – primark
Bracelet – appropriated from my cousin.

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