Allow me to reintroduce myself..

Hello friends!

So I never really got round to introducing myself to the ‘blogasphere’, but all good things come in good time, right?

‘Co… could you just say your name for me please?’

My name is Sukoluhle, which means ‘beautiful day’. Born and partially raised in the city of Bulawayo – Zimbabwe, my culture is a big part of who I am and how I express myself. So it’s a bit crazy how coming to the UK has attempted to distort that a bit. Starting with my name.

I’ve heard so many remixes of my name it’s unreal… from ‘Sukolee’ to ‘Sudoku’ it’s just painful to listen to at this point.
Those that know me just call me ‘Su’, I feel it’s much better than hearing a record scratch every time people attempt to address me. Your name breathes life to the very essence of your being and frankly i’m tired of of altering mine..

I find that many of us who live in the diaspora (lord I hate this word) are faced with many pressures to conform to our environments. Whether it be in the way we wear our hair… how we speak… even down to the way we dress that influence exists. We may take it lightly, but your title is how it begins. I remember on one of my first days in secondary school I saw someone with the surname ‘Ndlovu’ and I excitedly thought to myself ‘OMG ISSA ZIMBABWEAN’! Obviously I went to introduce myself and my background, as one does… I was shutdown with a quickness. Not only had she remixed her own surname to sound more English, she then rushed to tell me she wasn’t even Zimbabwean.. okay.

Its a tragic state of affairs when the desire to fit in causes you to deny something that is essentially your pride and legacy. Sometimes it feels as though we haven’t any choice in the matter, but if I can learn the countless numbers of Henrys and Georges in history, you can take time out of your day to try and grasp my name.

So allow me to reintroduce myself..

Being the extra person I am… I figured that there are a few ways my name can be simplified to suit ability and flamboyance..

Su – simple effective. Tried and tested.
Suku – which means ‘day’
Luhle – meaning ‘beautiful’/ ‘it’s beautiful’

And ‘Oluhle’, translating as ‘the beautiful’. You may have seen me use this anonym used to sign off some of my other posts. Mainly because I decided that my reasons for starting this blog were to explore and express my authentic self. To essentially embrace the arcane beauty hidden within. Whether it’s in outfits I post or the pearls of wisdom I chose to impart on y’all, ‘Ukuhle’ is in abundance.

Every post shared by me is done ‘Ngomusa Langothando’ – ‘with love and with kindness’, and I hope that aura translates.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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