Want me. [poem]

At times I reminisce

To my stages of being

Unmoved, untouched.

Sometimes kicking

Sometimes screaming..

Everything to me was so new,

Apart from the concept of you.

Did you want me?

Yes.. you have me

Unwrapped and enthralled

Engaged in the part of you, shared in me.

The world through your eyes

That’s what you made to see.

I think you want me..

To submit to your every wish.

Bend to your every need.

Wrap myself in your view

Until all I become is bitter version of you

Broken. but still functioning.

Smiling. yet faceless,

Kicking. Screaming. But yet so helpless.

Do you really want ME?



And unapologetically me.

That’s the part you couldn’t see.

A me that exists separately to your view,

Intertwined.. I was once a part of you,

In a plumb body shared by two.

Then you cut the cord.

Ended ties,

And hurt me with blunt goodbyes.

All I feel now is ice.

Have you ever wanted me?

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