New Year New Me.

It’s the first week of the new year and lord knows it’s about that time!

We’re all going to start professing how we’re ready to transform ourselves, cut people off and live new lives.

As ’empowering’ as it may be, I think it’s somewhat impossible. There’s no reboot button somewhere bringing you back to factory settings, there can never really be a new you.

You can shed the carcass of your former being, leaving it behind like a snake. But that same beast remains ready to strike again at some point. The only change effected there is on the outside. I find that most of us gloss over certain actions without accounting for them. Then get upset when cycles repeat themselves. If an experience keeps repeating itself it means there is a lesson you are failing to take from it.

The more realistic statement would be ‘New year, Better me‘.

If you move with the recognition that you can only be better than who you were yesterday. One can move forward accepting the things they can’t change and altering those they can. Comparing the present to your past, and guiding the actions of your current state. That’s how you do better.

I cut people off.

Checking your circle for serpents is always necessary, let’s not get it twisted. However this culture off cutting ties with people every damn day just because they made you feel some typa way. Is not healthy, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Our generation has some of the biggest divorce rates, just because we’re not willing to have simple conversations. We’d rather protect our egos than admit we’re hurting, at the risk of seeming weak. As I tell those close to me, if you’re feeling a certain way tell me and we can move forward accordingly.

We live in a world where most would rather communicate through memes depicting how we feel. Being passive rather than being direct. There’s a fine line between being petty and being immature, take it from a self proclaimed petty queen.

So a word of advice this coming year; Don’t act brand new just do better.

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