Oluhle in AMSTERDAM.

Hello friends,

So guess who finally made it to  Amsterdam!                                                                                It’s been way overdue and those of you who know me may also know the heartbreaking story behind why it never worked out the first time around.

Anyhoo. I had a great time and I definitely see myself going back there soon. This city has a very laid- back bohemian feel to it which instantly drew me. You know a country is liberal AF when their main form of transport is biking!


Tourist Behaviour..

The first day was really jam-packed, It was spent on the tram trying to see everything there is to be seen in the city. Starting with the Van Gogh museum. I know the man was brilliant and all but after a good hour of looking at how many times he could recreate his face with oil paints… I got sleepy.


However, if you’re a fan of all things earthly and green, like me. Hortus Botanicus is much more fun to explore. It’s the biggest and oldest botanical garden in the world filled with butterfly greenhouses, exotic flowers and even a tropical rainforest. This is easily up there with one of my favourite parts of this whole experience.


I also had time to catch a live sex show (Theatre Casa Rosso). Which I have to say wasn’t as cringy and scary as I thought it would be. However the same can’t be said for the Sex Museum itself.  Although it was quirky, its explicit images were far too much for me to handle. But If I had to describe the show; I’d say that it was rhythmic, somewhat theatrical and of course erotic. I found myself even clapping with so much vim for some of the girls. I would definitely recommend it!

For the culture..

And now for the main attraction – the coffee shops!                                                                      We all know dam’ well that this is why most of us venture to this side of the pond. Where you can order many dope strains from a cafe style menu and be free to blaze it to your heart’s content. I’d say hit up Prix D’ami if you’re really trying to chill, the place has 3 floors, alcoholic drinks and a 3d movie room at the top, there’s no reason to leave. The Smoke Palace is also a vibe with its intimate lighting and cosy feel.

Now, I wouldn’t be me without dedicating some moments to a good photo-op.                   Imagine I’d seen this chic street that all the bloggers were doing their thing at, Zavenlandenhuizen, Oud- Zuid looked so good I thought I’d trek there too. Fam it was just buildings. At least they were historical or whatever…

IMG_9700And I did find a building that matched my outfit lol.

Feeling for something a little edgier, NDSM didn’t disappoint. This abandoned warehouse area just screams urban culture and talent. So if you don’t mind adding a little cynic excursion to your trip, this should definitely be on your list.



Wenger coat – Pretty Little Thing

Turtleneck – BooHoo

Dungarees – Bershka

Shoes – Vans

Top – Fashionnova

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Airmax 95s

P.S shalla to my photographer still.

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