2020 Vision: Altering the world view.

Starting 2020, most of us began the year in anticipation; with it being a new decade- a new era. We can safely say, the wonderful magic of possibility was in the air. Driven by an uncontrollable desire to reach the next goal, constantly search for the next challenge. Our desires at the forefront, a lot of us were focused on meaningless external experiences– mistaking them for true vision and contentment.

But what if I told you that our initial understanding of 2020 vision has been flawed from the beginning. Although the year has left most of us feeling out of focus, and deterred from our paths – the true theme of this year has been brutally consistent compilation of unexpected events, repeated month after month! For the greater good– should you choose to see it that way. A large part of this year has been about altering the world view. By placing an eagle eyed focus on what we need and lack, rather than the daily distractions we had ingenuously placed in our lives.

So what does this really mean?


A few posts back, I spoke on the importance of introspection; strengthening your mental and emotional dialogue. Peeling back all the uncomfortable and somewhat superficial layers we use to navigate the world and, getting to the foundations of your inner being. Although easier said than done, the process is a meaningful one. Its evident that the consciousness of our world has shifted; we are more inclined to question and examine reality for what it is, rather than aimlessly following.


This year has reinforced the consistency of change, as one of the few things you can truly count on life. We have all had to learn to take form in whatever element we are placed in. The the absence of stability and general coherence in most aspects, has been abysmal. You have to adopt a fluid mental attitude, because holding on to certain experiences too tightly can can stunt your growth, it makes you less inclined to adapt to a new situation. Change comes like a wave, you either flow with it or are drowned by it.


2020 brought us all together in more ways than one. There is a heightened feeling of closeness amongst us- facing the toughest year to date, will do that to people! On a grand scale, the cry of BLACK LIVES MATTER is not one that would have been easily heard by all- if not for togetherness and harmony. But on a more personal level, we have learnt to tend to our most important relationships with family and friends, more creatively- lest we forget that house party was a serious thing a few months back. Leaving this year, I whole heartedly feel more connected to those I hold dear than ever before, which is something to be proud of.


No matter how well thought out a plan is, it can still fail, veterans of 2020 know this more than anyone. One must try to be mindful and remain present in the situation, cry or scream if you have to- that’s natural. But draw as much meaning and lessons from the experience and come back even stronger. It’s not about how many times you fall down, as long as you get back up. So how good is your snap back game?


Leaving this year, compassion is now at the forefront of all interactions. Not just for myself; in learning to forgive and accept the fact that I am human- I cannot be in control of everything. But also, for others and the world at large. Being touched by a loss of any kind, can be damaging. However, witnessing those around you suffer similar misfortunes, or worse, is humbling. It forces you to be still and reflect on situations in order to gain perspective. Having an insight on the gravity of things that others face on the day to day, encourages you treat everyone you meet as you would yourself.

I have no idea what the new year has in store for us, but I feel better equipped to handle it. At the risk of tempting fate, nothing can be worse than 2020! Remember to practice gratitude; be proud of yourself for making it this far and remain hopeful for the future because brighter days are around the corner.

Happy new year!

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