Hi friends, Missed me? If this blog is an indication of any of my good traits, it's safe to say that consistency would not be one of them. But hey... I'm a working masterpiece. On my last post, I spoke about Amsterdam, why I love it and why I couldn't wait to return. Well, I… Continue reading AWAKENINGS FESTIVAL.

Ko’Bulawayo pt2.

This recent trip to Zimbabwe is definitely up there with some of my best memories made this year. I was living so much, that I forgot to document some of the other outfits and events that I went to. Which is typical me really... But this outfit is one of my favorites. Some kind of… Continue reading Ko’Bulawayo pt2.

Protect your energy.. Do you.

Hi friends, We live in a society where we all seem to crave validation. We all seem to care a little too much about what others think. Whether that’s on social media in the form of likes and comments or by someone spudding you on the street just because ‘you’re that guy!’… We still care.… Continue reading Protect your energy.. Do you.