Self Isolation | Self Introspection

Although our current way of life is filled with many a tragedy, the lockdown period is a good opportunity for us to really tend to our own gardens. Self isolation, for some has not been the meme-worthy experience we’ve all seen on social media. It has been an onslaught of brutal experiences that won’t be… Continue reading Self Isolation | Self Introspection

It’s a Pandemic!

Hey friends, I know I have been gone for a hot sec, with no real explanation aside from life getting in the way. A lot has changed in what seems like a short space of time, but just know a sis has been grinding! Nonetheless I thought I’d make my way back to provide a… Continue reading It’s a Pandemic!

Allow me to reintroduce myself..

Hello friends! So I never really got round to introducing myself to the 'blogasphere', but all good things come in good time, right? 'Co... could you just say your name for me please?' My name is Sukoluhle, which means 'beautiful day'. Born and partially raised in the city of Bulawayo - Zimbabwe, my culture is… Continue reading Allow me to reintroduce myself..